Your favorite Genre & Band/Singer or Lyrics

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Your favorite Genre & Band/Singer or Lyrics

Postby Kirluu » 12 Jan 2010, 21:29

Yeah, so what kind(s) of music genre(s) do you like?

And who is your favorite artists? Is it a band, is it a single artist? Whatever, write it here.

I'll start:

My favorite genre most definitly is Rock. I like how it's not any of the music that is heard every day in the radio, which makes it rather special. Yeah, so uhm, shall I also say what genre I dislike? That way we can start a little discussion as well ^^' I dislike the genres Pop, and Rap. It's not so much the music, and it's not so much the lyrics, since Rock definitly can be some not-so-good music some times, however, what I dislike about these two genres, is the attitude that the artists set up. Especially that whole "Gangsta"-attitude is really not something I like. People thinking they're better than everyone else, really. And mostly the Pop-genre attitude, is just too much perfection. I mean, it's liek... Well... It's too much perfection, I can't really put other words to it at the moment x.x

Though, don't take that I hate everything that ain't Rock, just because my favorite genre is so. I listen to a lot of music, and don't really care to list all genres, so I'll just stick with saying Rock is my favorite x3

Now, to the band... My favorite band must be the band called "Three Days Grace". These guys make amazing music, and with their latest album just having come out, I'm hooked x3
My second favorite must be the band "30 Seconds To Mars", I like the way the include the audience in their latest album, and how they have a purpose for it. It's called "This Is War", and is about all the people being harmed due to the wars that are going on.

That must be it. Please do come with arguments to proof the best-ness of your favorite genre, if you wish to do so - that way, this topic will at least become a little less of the same and the same. ^^'
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Re: Your favorite Genre & Band/Singer

Postby Verituuli » 13 Jan 2010, 12:18

Well... my favorite genre is metal, and to be more specific Folk-, Viking- and Pagan Metal, Power Metal and even Melodic Black Metal goes home. But lets not limit it to that, I may happen to like other different metal genres as well, it depends much on how melodic it is and the singers voice do have a part too, I don't like when it gets too dark and "blurry". Yah.
I even like other genres, but i prefer metal as much as possible.

Yeah, and so some of my favorite bands... I don't name all of them, because if I did this post would be an epic long textwall that nobody would ever read. :S
Well, here goes the ones that first come to mind:

Sonata Arctica
Nightwish (Tarja era)
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Re: Your favorite Genre & Band/Singer

Postby Error » 13 Jan 2010, 20:34

My favorite is metal, I like the more melodic kind of metal, Power, Heavy, Viking, Speed, but also the not-so-melodic Industrial metal.

So, yeah. Some of my favorite bands are:

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Re: Your favorite Genre & Band/Singer

Postby Suicune » 17 Jan 2010, 03:21

Mmm. I like very different kinds of music, and I can't really label such big genres as pop, rap and techno as "bad", because they, yeah, are so big.
When we talk about rap, there's an extreeemely big difference between the nowadays gangsta-ish rap and more original old-school rap like Beastie Boys. And you can say the same thing about pop, punk and many other genres. Nowadays, you can call almost everything with a guitar riff in it for punk, even though the rest of the song is very soft in its sound. Or - they call it pop-punk. So I think it's very difficult to label genres, because there are hundreds of experimental bands out there, and they can turn your hate-genre to a genre you think is amazing.

But well... The genres I listen to the most are Funk, Rock, Metal, Pop and Electronica. Of sub-genres, that'll be Pop-punk, Alternative Metal/Rock, Hard Rock and nu-metal. That's what immediately came into my mind. Heh, and I've also listened to Ska-core in a period, I think sounded okay nice, a band called Five Iron Frenzy. Ska-core is a fusion of Punk and Ska, and Ska is a genre that's characteristic of windinstruments (trompet, trumbone, saxophone etc). Imagine punk with windinstruments! Really funny and nice. (

My favourite bands are in the moment (with one of my favourite songs from every band):

Magtens Korridorer (a danish one - rock with a twist of punk elements) - "Vesterbro" - IMO one of their best!
Vanilla Sky (Italian pop-punk band) - "The Fight" - so damn catchy! >w<
Tower Of Power (Funk-band) - "Rhythm & Business" with some jamming xD
Carpark North (Danish band, electronica/rock) - "Human" - the video is also simply amazing..
Linkin Park (nu-metal, but I guess everyone knows that) - "Given Up" - I was used to like LP very much back in the days, but now I only listen to their newest album, Minutes to Midnight. I like their new style.
Dead By Sunrise (Chester, the singer from Linkin Park is in this band :D, really like it!) - "Crawl Back In" - nice vid also |3
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Re: Your favorite Genre & Band/Singer

Postby Zavix » 17 Jan 2010, 12:28

Except hiphop and rap, I listen to all nearly kinds of music, pop, rock, metal, trance, techno, blues, 60's and 70's, R&B, schlager, dansband, well everything.
That's great, because then I'm not limited to just one genre. I think that there's something good, something that makes it worth listening, in every genre.
That's why I give all genres a chance. It has happened many times that I didn't like a particular song in the beginning, but after I listened to it several times I started to like it.

Well, my favourite band... Hmm. I don't know really, but one band I like very much is Paramore, although I wasn't so elated in their new album.
Other great artists are U2, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Muse, E-Type, Foo Fighters, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Coldplay, Rednex, Linkin Park, Roxette and Helloween.
I play a lot Guitar Hero, so it's much because of that that I started listening to rock and hardrock. ^^
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Re: Your favorite Genre & Band/Singer

Postby ADDE » 17 Jan 2010, 16:48

I like Disco. and some rock too. but mostly, i listen to animé music.
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Re: Your favorite Genre & Band/Singer

Postby Cool Ivysaur » 20 Jan 2010, 22:12

I like Metal and specifically Metalcore,Power Metal, Nu Metal and Melodic Metal.

Bands from most to least favorite order:
Disturbed (Cryptic lyrics rule)
Avenged Sevenfold
Bullet for my Valentine
Symphony X
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Re: Your favorite Genre & Band/Singer

Postby Kratos Aurion » 23 Jan 2010, 18:09

I listen mostly to metal. I can listen all genres except doom, death, black and trash. However I can listen to some melo death and melo black.
I demand that it must be melodic if Im gonna listen means all bands. Mostly I prefer clear vocals and have a limit to growling that I listen to..only few growl bands are good according to me..even if my favorite band Children Of Bodom growls but theyre instrumental parts are so amazing that it pass. Growl bands must have really great instrumental to be "able" to listen to in my opinion.

Some of my favorite bands:

Children Of Bodom
Nightwish (Tarja)
Sonata Arctica
Thunderstone (Pasi)
Blind Guardian
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Re: Your favorite Genre & Band/Singer

Postby Pumz » 24 Jan 2010, 00:50

Oohoho, music. <3

Well. My favourite genre is pretty hard to point out, since I like all kinds of music. .. Oh, except for country and "danseband" as we call it in Norway. It's like.. Bah. xD Really wierd, annoying music. I just get irritated and such when I listen to it. And I dunno which genre I should put this artist in, but I HATE Mika. He's got an annoying voice, as well has his lyrics. Meh.
And.. If I need to point out a genre I like the most, it's got to be rock. It's so many options of rock, really. And it's not like the mainstream music I hear everywhere else. Of course, I may like some RnB and such, but it's most love songs I like in that genre. x3 Blame my best friend.
Oh well. I like other genres such as electronic music, techno, trance, dance, heavy metal, metal, punk, alternative.. Yah. I listen to everythiiing. xD

And myyyyy favorite bands.
I love Linkin Park. Ever since I found them back for.. 5 years ago? I've loved them. They've got an awesome volcalist, as well as their lyrics is amazing. They've got an awesome mixture of metal, rock and electronic music in some of their songs. F.ex "New Divide". It starts with an electronica-simalar sound, and goes smoothly over to rock. Other songs like "Papercut" or "Breaking the Habit" got a more harsh melody. Here it's more.. metal-ish. I love all their songs. x3 I guess I'm a fan-girl *Squee*
Hmm.. Three Days Grace is awesome as well. A band I listen alot to, especially when I'm mad. xD Haha. Their lyrics are AWESOME. Then, we have 30 Seconds to Mars, I love their songs. <3 Hmm.. Owl City is the most pop-ish band I like, I guess. Because their songs are so RANDOM. xD And cute. I love them. Their lyrics are full of nonsense and cuteness. Though, now the band is mainstream. Not wierd, though. x3
Then we have Dead by April, In Flames, KoRn, The Click Five, Simple Plan, Sum 41, Audrey Horne, Mew, Infected Mushroom, Muse, The All American Rejects, Rammstein.. Meh. xD *
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Re: Your favorite Genre & Band/Singer

Postby Ninjomewtwo » 24 Jan 2010, 14:55

Ok, my favourite genre in general is Metal. I prefer the old, classic heavy metal though to the more modern kinds like melo-death, etc. NWOBHM, power, thrash and, to some extent, epic and symphonic. Progressive is pretty good too, but the band needs to be great in order to amaze me, imo it's the most difficult kind of metal to play. My favourite bands are Sabaton, Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Altaria, Allen/Lande, Symphony X, Queensrÿche and more which I don't remember to list now.

I like rock too, mostly classic rock such as Scorpions, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, ZZ Top and the like. As for hard rock, Alice Cooper, Airbourne, Buckcherry and Disturbed are higher on my list.

The only genres I don't like are rap and hiphop, I just feel it lacks "music". Ok, it has lyrics but they just accompany a computer-generated beat most of the time, that's not music imo.

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