Undaunted Discussion Thread

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Undaunted Discussion Thread

Postby Pokérob » 15 Aug 2010, 17:38

I went to a prerelease for the new Undaunted set and was lucky enough to pick up:

Espeon Prime
Raichu Prime
BOTH HALVES of Groudon and Kyogre LEGEND
Rayquaza & Deoxys Half LEGEND

I got a lot of other things too. This set is really good and also the flower shop lady supporter card will become probably a very useful card indeed!

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Re: Undaunted Discussion Thread

Postby Yellow Rayquaza » 16 Aug 2010, 18:37

I can just say... what the... WHAT!? TWO PRIME AND THREE LEGENDS!? That´s just sick... I have never been really lucky at boosters... o_o Do you get 8 or 9 boosters in your pres?
I won´t go to our prereleases since it´s cheaper to get them on the net.

Seriously, all sets since Rising Rivals have been CRAP. Every set has had just a few playable cards... HS and UL especially... they had only some good Primes, Jumpluff, trainers/supporters and maybe some ok cards like Torterra UL or Blastoise HS? Lol?

Let´s see what this set contains:
- Vileplume (allergy pollen) (!)
- Scizor Prime (!)
- Houndoom Prime
- Umbreon Prime
- Dodrio (retreat aid)
- Defender
- Legend Box
- Flower Shop Lady (nearly the same as Palmer, so they could have given us another good supporter >_>)
- Special Darkness Energy
- Special Metal Energy (if you don´t have them already...)

Espeon Prime has some potential (Rainbow Energy). I remembered that Muk is different? That your opponent can´t retreat after Sludge Drag? >_< Darn. That would have been an intresting card...
Slowking and Raichu Prime are just fillers that don´t deserve the "Prime" title. >_>
I don´t know about the Legends... I just hope that they work somehow...
Oh, and thumps up for the first semi-playable Alph Litograph. :3
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