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Postby Helios42 » 10 Aug 2014, 21:09

Hi all! I'm trying to use the Masuda Method for a nice, shiny Reuniclus!

I'm looking for any of the solosis line that is from a non-English region, has Magic Guard as its nature, and has at least 4 of the following IV's:

31 in HP, Def, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def
0 in Speed

Any 4 of those 5 will do fine. I don't care about nature.

In return, I can offer a number of 4-5 IV Pokemon from an English language region. Some of those include Justified Absol, Prankster Sableye, Rain Dish Wingull, Storm Drain Lileep, Helioptile, Honedge (I have one that is 5IV with 0IV Speed - that one's flawless!), and Goomy. If none of those strike your fancy, I have other options we could discuss in PM :D
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