Every one calls me gay.What i should do?

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Re: Every one calls me gay.What i should do?

Postby Kratos Aurion » 22 Jun 2011, 13:23

@Kirluu I can believe that makes such effect with people around. Since bullies are mostly after attention and being "cool", simply by making others feel bad. Whatever case, remember to stand strong, and speak your own mind like you mean it.

I want you to read this Konstandinos1998. I hope the bulling ends soon.
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Re: Every one calls me gay.What i should do?

Postby Yellow Rayquaza » 22 Jun 2011, 19:20

Kirluu wrote:Whenever I got bullied in puclic school, from other reasons however, I would usually reply with "Yeah, you're really cool. You're so cool" and things like that. If others were watching while they said something to me, that would usually somewhat make them go silent. And if not, they will probably be something like: "What did you say?!", which is where I would reply calmly with "I said you're cool." without backing off, despite their possible attempt to scare you with moving towards you.
Remember that this has the greatest effect if others are watching. "Others" being people who are not participating in the bullying.

Hope this can help somehow :)


That actually sounds like a quite good idea! ;)
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