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Pokémon Bright World

Postby Ryu Shoji » 20 Apr 2011, 23:59

When I was still an administrator of PokémonWorld, to celebrate the Japanese release of Pokémon Black & White, I began writing a fanfiction based on the games (which has since been updated to include the English localisations). I've now decided to allow people on a broader scale to read my work, critique it and whatnot. Without further ado, here's Pokémon Bright World!

GAME I: Monochrome Morning
Fire: the soul of all living creatures.
Thunder: the life of all living creatures.
Before the modern age, both were feared. The two had the potential to destroy, but now, they are that which creates.
Reshiram, the Vast White. A majestic pure white dragon, covered in delicate glowing feathers with a tail burning with a roaring flame.
Zekrom, the Deep Black. A menacing black, somewhat humanoid dragon with a round tail that rotates like a turbine, emitting sparks of electricity.
The inhabitants of Unova, an island cut off from the rest of the world, believe Reshiram and Zekrom contributed in the creation of their land, and that is why they are worshipped like gods, although in fact, they are Pokémon.

“No...please don’t!” the young girl shouted as she thrust her arms outward, trying to break the chains that held her to the stone slab. “Stop...Stop it now!” she continued to shout.
She was young and had wavy, puffy brown hair that grew halfway down her back. Her eyes were blue, but rimmed with sore red skin as the tears kept on flowing. She had bruises and scratches all over her. Her once spotless robes were now covered in dirt. Her arms were covered in cuts from where the tight chains chafed against her delicate skin.
A man with long, curly, straw-coloured hair and elaborate robes triumphantly walked across a red carpet holding a five pointed crown towards a throne, where a man who looked like a younger version of himself knelt. Temple priests and priestesses around him were watching nervously.
“You’ll anger the Gods!” The young girl shouted.
“Anger the Gods?” the man laughed manically as he pulled some of the hair away from his face, revealing the strange red-lensed, quarter-circle, eyeglass-like device that covered his left eye. “With this, I will separate Pokémon from man, and man from God. Then we can all be free.” He shouted joyfully as he reached for the crown.
“No! You can’t enter the Entralink!” the girl shouted. The man raised the crown high; gazing in awe at its beauty, and the realisation of his goal.
As soon as the crown was nestled on the younger’s head, and he had stood up to make his first decree, the ground began to violently shake. Stone structures around them were crumbling, and all he could do was laugh.
The young girl closed her eyes and raised her head upwards, and as one last tear rolled down her cheek, she silently prayed.
“Lord Reshiram, Lord Zekrom, Please save us...Please save us all”.

Pocket Monsters, otherwise known as “Pokémon” are creatures that thrive throughout the world. They come in many shapes and sizes, such as Mincinno, a small, white furred mammal with big puffy ears and a long tail, that roams in underground tunnels. Or Zoroark, a bipedal, black fox with a long red stream of hair-like fur. Each Pokémon has its own abilities to help them survive, like Zoroark’s ability to project illusions and take on the appearance of another Pokémon. This can come in handy when taking on potential predators, by transforming into a ferocious, fire breathing Reshiram and fool an unsuspecting enemy into believing it’s engulfed in flames.
Each Pokémon is categorised into at least one of seventeen “types” depending on their abilities; for example, Zoroark’s illusion is rather deceitful, so it has been called a Dark-type.
In days of old, Pokémon such as Blitzle, a black zebra with white lightning-strike shaped stripes, were used to pull along carts carrying farmer’s toils to market. However, in modern times, they are captured and trained by ‘Trainers’ ; people who use Pokémon to battle in sporting events. Pokémon Battles can occur anywhere from fields and streams to vast arenas where thousands of people gather to watch a spectacle known as the “Pokémon League”, where a trainer will battle his way to the top of a tournament, and be crowned a Pokémon Champion.
There have been numerous champions, such as Ethan, a young boy from New Bark Town in the faraway Johto Region. Ethan barely won his battle against Lance, a master of Pokémon belonging to the Dragon-type. People worldwide were glued to their screens as the young boy’s Mamoswine landed a critical Ice Fang on the wing of Lance’s Dragonite.
Each country has their own traditions about Pokémon and training. In some countries, a trainer can obtain their license from a certified Professor at the age of ten, however, in the Unova region, that age is sixteen.

Blake is one the aforementioned people. In Nuvema Town, a small rural village and home to Unova’s resident professor, Professor Juniper, there is a rule that one cannot begin their journey alone. To ensure their survival, they have to be paired with someone familiar to them. Blake had only just turned sixteen; although if you were to judge from his short black hair, his rather slim profile and his fashion sense - a red cap with the silhouette of a foreign parrot Pokémon on the front, a blue jacket and dark jeans, you would have guessed he was younger. Blake was the youngest in his year, so he was devastated to learn he’d have to wait another year to begin his journey, if not for his friends.
Cheren, a young man with short dark-blue hair, sporting a blue jacket and a white undershirt rimmed with red. The typical class nerd; he knew everything. If you were to ask him to name every detail of a Pokémon, he’d tell you, and then some. Cheren and Blake had only known each other for a couple of years, but they’d developed quite a bond.
Bianca on the other hand, had known Blake since they were babies. Bianca wasn’t smart like Cheren. In fact, she was a bit of a klutz. She wore an orange cardigan over her favourite white dress, and a large green burette-like hat. When she ran, her green handbag would bounce around, which would hurt her. Yet, she never figured out that it was the bag hurting her.
Both Cheren and Bianca had turned sixteen a while ago, but decided to stay at home until Blake was old enough to begin his journey. The three of them had arranged with Professor Juniper to meet at Blake’s house on the morning of his birthday.

Blake had woken to the usual scene. His bedroom was covered in black balloons bearing the number ‘16’ in white letters, and his walls were plastered with banners saying “Happy Birthday”. Blake rubbed his tired eyes. After all, he had been researching the three possible starter Pokémon until he noticed the sun was rising. Blake was in his plain black pyjamas, and he had a typical bed head.
“Blake, are you up yet?!” his mother shouted from downstairs.
“Barely!” Blake shouted back as he reached for the clock on his bedside table. The clock read 10:00 on its digital display. Blake was due to meet with Professor Juniper and his friends at noon. Blake quickly pushed the cover off him, knowing that if he took them off carefully, he wouldn’t be able to resist their warmth. He looked around his room with sleepy eyes. His room was covered in Pokémon memorabilia. On the wall opposite his bed was a large poster of the three Pokémon he and his friends could choose to be their partners on the upcoming journey.
Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokémon. Although it is described as a snake, it did possess two small arms and legs. Although with its smug look and tear-drop shaped head, it was easy to see the resemblance. Snivy, as its classification details, is a Grass-type Pokémon.
Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokémon was another option. Tepig was a tiny orange pig with black markings that looked like underwear on its lower half, and a black streak across its face that blended into large black ears.
The final option was the water-type Oshawott; the Sea Otter Pokémon. Oshawott looks more like an ice cream than an otter, although it does have the standard flat-tail, albeit blue. Oshawott certainly looked adorable, especially as the tufts of blue fur around its neck and stomach looked like a sweater; with a small shell attached to said stomach fur. Blake was struggling to decide which of these Pokémon should be his partner. However, now was not the time for such idle thought; Blake had to hurry up and get ready.

There was a knock on Blake’s door at exactly noon. Blake was still upstairs, so his mother answered the door. Professor Juniper was stood in the doorway holding a present wrapped in blue wrapping paper with a green bow. Juniper looked to be in her mid forties. She had long straw-coloured hair that was tied up at the top, accompanied by red circular earrings. She was wearing the standard white labcoat over a white open-cut top and a dark green knee-length skirt.
“Blake, the Professor’s here!” .
Not a second past between Blake’s Mum saying ‘Professor’ and Blake appearing on top of the stairs. Now fully dressed, minus his hat. His face was beaming.
“Sixteen already. I still remember when you were a baby.” Juniper chuckled. “I take it Cheren and Bianca aren’t hear?” Juniper deduced as she looked around.
“You know Bianca, always fashionably late.” Blake quipped. Juniper smiled amusingly, not wanting to vocalise her agreement. Juniper entered the intimate wooden house and closed the door behind her. Juniper took a moment to look around the room, looking for a place to rest the present. Eventually, Blake’s mother took it from her and placed it on the coffee table in the middle of the room.
“I brought three Pokémon with me. As you’re the only one here, you can get first choice.” Juniper said as she sat on the couch behind the coffee table as Blake’s mother left to make some tea. Blake looked at the present, but he didn’t hesitate in his answer.
“Cheren and Bianca chose to wait another year for me. I want them to have first choice.” Blake confidently replied. An impressed smile drew itself on the woman’s face.
“Loyalty. That’s one quality I don’t see in trainers these days. With it, you will go far.” Juniper said with wise confidence, with a look in her eye that suggested recollection of those who made it, and those who didn’t.
“That’s good, because I intend to go far.” Blake triumphantly stated. Juniper smiled at the young boy.
The doorbell rang.
Blake leapt to the door, thrusting it open. Cheren and Bianca were stood in the doorway.
“Sorry we’re late.” Bianca said nonchalantly as she walked into the house. As Cheren entered, he whispered to Blake.
“We had to make sure her Dad wouldn’t see her”.
Recently, Bianca and her father had gotten into a series of fights over this day. Bianca wanted to join her friends and become a director of Pokémon Musicals. Her father was against the whole idea of Pokémon training, calling it abuse. Bianca wanted her own independence, and to break away from her father’s control, and to be with her friends.
“So, the gang’s all here.” Juniper said as she stood up and stretched. Juniper carefully lifted up the present and walked to the three beginners.
“In here are three Pokéballs, each one containing a Pokémon to help begin your journey: Snivy, Tepig or Oshawott. Choose wisely.” Blake and Cheren stared intently at the present in anticipation. Bianca on the other hand, looked rather confused as she raised her hand.
“What is it dear?” Juniper asked in a tone highlighting her confusion at the formality.
“What type is Oshawott again?” Bianca innocently enquired. Cheren cringed.
“Oshawott is a Water-type.” He replied.
“Very good Cheren! You always were the brainy one.” Juniper smiled politely, unsurprised.
“Come in, sit down.” Blake’s mother gestured. Cheren and Bianca obliged and walked into the intimate front room, closing the door behind them.
“So, have any of you decided which starter you’re going to choose?” Blake asked. Cheren raised his hand to his chin and thought about it for a second.
“Well, I’ve heard that Snivy is an efficient special attacker” Cheren replied while eyeing up the box. “However, Tepig’s bulk can’t be ignored; or Oshawott’s physical attacks.”
Juniper chuckled.
“You know, Pokémon have personalities just like people do. Perhaps it would be best to choose one that’s more compatible with you, and not your battling style?” She suggested.
“Y’know, that makes a lot of sense...” Blake said to Bianca, undermining Cheren.
“I have an idea” Blake’s Mum said as she winked to Juniper. “How about you three go up stairs and decide on your starter, and surprise us? Let’s say...whichever of the two of us predicts it correctly, has to make lunch?”
“Yeah, sure.” Juniper replied with a wink. Obviously, the two women wanted some time to gossip. The young ones didn’t care though; Blake grabbed the present and ran upstairs, with Cheren and Bianca following.

Blake eagerly pushed the present in the middle of his bedroom floor. He and his two friends than sat around it.
“Here we go.” Blake said as he took a deep breath, “After this, there’s no turning back.”
Cheren and Bianca nodded. Blake noticed a small tag attached to the bow, and read it out loud.
“Happy Birthday Blake; I send you these three Pokemon together with this letter. You and your friends should choose carefully. Best regards, Juniper”
“That’s nice of her.” Bianca smiled. “We better thank her afterwards”
“Yeah.” Blake then untied the bow, and opened the box.
Inside sat three small balls. Each of them was red on the top half, and white on the bottom, with a black strip differentiating the two halves. Attached to the top half was a circular grey button that stretched across the strip. These were Pokéballs - capsules used to store Pokemon. One Pokéball has a red flame mark above the button, another had a leaf, and the third had a water droplet.
“The professor said we should choose on personality, so, shall we let them out?” Bianca asked. Cheren and Blake nodded as the three of them each took hold of a Pokéball and threw them into the air. Beams of light erupted from them and took the forms of three Pokémon as they landed on the ground; Snivy the Grass Snake Pokémon, Tepig the Fire Pig Pokémon, and Oshawott the Sea Otter Pokémon. All three of them were pretty small, about waist height. Tepig looked overjoyed at being allowed out of the Pokéball, Oshawott looked scared, and Snivy didn’t seem to care.
“Hi there.” Bianca smiled kindly as she held her hand out to the three Pokémon. Oshawott hid behind Snivy, who turned away. Tepig just didn’t know how to read the situation and stared blankly.
“Hey, when Bianca speaks to you, you be polite.” Cheren scolded Snivy while wagging his finger.
“Sniy.” Snivy said in annoyingly before turning away from Cheren, now facing Blake. Oshawott wasn’t expecting Snivy to move, and fell flat on its face. As the ice cream otter pulled itself up and sat down, it began to cry. Bianca was quick in picking the small Pokémon up and cradling it like a baby.
“It’s okay, it’s okay.” She repeated in a motherly tone. Eventually, Oshawott stopped crying, and just looked up at Bianca with warm eyes.
Snivy was eyeing up Blake. Probably seeing if he was worth the Pokémon’s time. Snivy suddenly leapt into the air and began spinning. A green energy began to gather around the grass snake as it dived for Blake. The young boy just held his arm out and grabbed Snivy’s tail; stopping it in its tracks.
“Vy.” Snivy was sounding more impressed, and swung its body back, so it would move like a pendulum and hit Blake. The boy however, used his free hand to block Snivy. “Vy...” Snivy was now impressed with this boy. Snivy regained its posture, and held out its hand to Blake.
“Y-You want me to be your trainer?” Blake asked, surprised.
“Snivy.” Snivy nodded.
Blake proudly grabbed Snivy’s hand; although it was too tight for the small Pokémon, who’s eyes almost burst of its head.
“VY!” it shouted in pain. Blake quickly let go of the small green hand, which the snake began to rub. “Sni.” It said rudely as it turned around; only to face Tepig.
Tepig had a mischievous grin on its face. Snivy was put off guard.
“Tepig!” Tepig smirked.
“Osha!” Oshawott shouted as it snuck up behind Tepig and hit it on the head with its shell.
“Osha, what are you doing?” Bianca asked, alarmed as she rain over to the small otter.
“Osh! Oshawott!” Oshawott proudly stated.
“You...you want to battle Snivy?” Bianca asked. The ice-cream otter nodded.
Blake turned to Snivy.
“You okay with this?” he asked. Snivy looked at Oshawott with its usual half-open eyes, before shrugging.
“Snivy.” it said with a gesture reminiscent of “Might as well.”
“But erm...who will control Oshawott?” Bianca asked. “Blake, Snivy chose you, but-“
“Isn’t that obvious?” Cheren interjected as he rubbed the red mark on Tepig’s head. “You will Bianca.” Bianca was flabbergasted.
“You mean...you choose me Oshawott?” she asked it.
“Osha!” Osha said proudly as it pointed at the young girl. Bianca’s face lit up.
“That’s great! I always wanted a cutey like you!” she said as she leapt to hug it. Oshawott however, jumped in the air, causing Bianca to hit the floor; then the otter landed on top of her head. Tepig burst out laughing. Oshawott, still standing on Bianca’s head, flashed its shell towards Snivy.
“Wott!” it shouted.
“Sni.” The Grass Snake calmly replied.
Oshawott finally stepped off its new trainer’s head as it approached the snake. Bianca pushed herself back up. Her face was red, and her eyes were watering.
“Oshawott, please try using that strength on Snivy.” Bianca whined.
“Oshawott!” Oshawott shouted as it went into a battling stance.
“Do your best Snivy!” Blake commanded.
“Snivy!” Snivy shouted as the two Pokémon leapt for each other...

Until September (the 1st Anniversary of Black and White's Japanese release), I will post a new chapter up once a month, after which, the series will go to being bi-monthly, meaning that there will be the following release schedule:
20th April - Chapter 1
20th May - Chapter 2
20th June - Chapter 3
20th July - Chapter 4
20th August - Chapter 5
18th September - Chapter 6
20th November - Chapter 7
And so on.
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Re: Pokémon Bright World

Postby Ryu Shoji » 22 May 2011, 01:49

Sorry I'm two days late; had a lot on my mind lately! Once you've done reading, if you could be so kind as to leave any comments, that'd be great.

GAME 2: Beginning's End

Snivy and Oshawott were exchanging blows in an almost frantic fury as Blake, Cheren, Bianca and Tepig tried to keep up. The snake and otter were jumping from wall to wall, with each jump, something else would fall to the floor. Snivy jumped off Blake’s bookshelf just in time to avoid Oshawott’s Razor Shell attack. The weight of Snivy pushing itself off the chunk of wood, causing it and all the books it held to topple onto the floor. Oshawott ended up hanging for its life when its shell got stuck in the wall. Snivy jumped off the TV, knocking that down too. Cheren leapt to stop the TV screen smashing.
“Osha!” Bianca cried as she hurried to Oshawott, who was starting to lose its grip.
“Let go, I’ll catch you!” Bianca shouted as she held her arms out, ready to catch.
“Wo, Wott!” Oshawott screamed, shaking its head.
Meanwhile, Snivy had jumped back onto Blake’s purple rug, and was preparing to attack Oshawott again.
“You know, you could give your Pokémon orders, so they won’t just run wild.” Cheren smirked as he nudged his glasses with a single finger, trying to highlight his role as the intellectual.
“Yeah thanks a lot, but I don’t see you doing anything!” Blake shouted back at Cheren. “Snivy.” He said in a gentler tone as he turned to the grass snake. Snivy looked at Blake, waiting.
“Use Vine Whip to help Oshawott down.”
Snivy nodded.
“Sny...” Snivy turned around, squatted slightly as vines shot out from Snivy’s yellow shoulder-pads and wrapped around Oshawott’s stomach. “Vy!” Snivy beamed with joy as it slowly lowered Oshawott to the ground. The vines retracted themselves, and a tearful Bianca embraced Oshawott. Snivy looked up to Blake, looking for some kind of acknowledgement. Blake gave the small lizard a thumbs up, and its smug look returned.
Cheren scooped up and began petting an oblivious Tepig.
“Looks like we didn’t have to get involved after all.” Cheren jested as he turned to leave the room.
“Like you could have done anyway.” Blake sniggered.
“What did you just say?” Cheren asked, sounding slightly irritated.
“I said you wouldn’t have been able to do anything anyway, because you’d be too busy trying to refer to some textbook.” Blake replied.
“Are you suggesting I can’t think on my feet?” Cheren never liked people looking down on him; one could say that was one of the reasons he studied so much. While keeping eye contact with Blake, he lowered Tepig to the ground.
“That’s exactly what I’m saying, Book-Loon.” Blake replied, sticking his tongue out.
“Book-Loon?” Cheren asked mockingly as he again, poked his glasses up. “That’s a new one. Does it even mean anything?”
“It means you’re always huddled up, reading a book with a face like a Swadloon!” Blake said, erupting into laughter. Bianca couldn’t help but chuckle herself.
“Bianca!” Cheren was surprised to see Bianca stood there, trying to avoid bursting into a fit of laughter. All the girl could do was wave her hand apologetically.
“Tssh...” Cheren gritted his teeth together as his attention returned to Blake and Snivy. “Tepig, use Ember.” Cheren commanded, trying to return to a more calm demeanour.
“Tep.” Tepig replied as it raised its head, breathing in.
Snivy looked up at Blake, waiting for an order. Blake looked at his Pokémon, at Cheren, and then, Tepig. Blake bent down so he could be at level with his Pokémon.
“Snivy, can you use Vine-Whip to push yourself up, so you can avoid the Ember, then go down with a tackle?”
“Snivy.” Snivy replied as it launched the vine-whip, and Blake stood up. Snivy propelled itself into the air just as Tepig launched a small stream of flames. Snivy dodged the attack, but it landed on Blake’s curtains.
“Osha, use Water Gun please.” Bianca asked. Oshawott nodded and soon, the curtains were put out, and soaking wet.
Snivy nose-dived at Tepig.
“Move out of the way!” Cheren ordered. Tepig moved out of the way.
Blake smirked.
Snivy didn’t hit Tepig; it hit the end of the floorboard directly in front of the pig. The impact of the attack was enough to make the floorboard flick upwards, hitting Tepig on the chin. Although it didn’t do a lot of damage, it did stun it long enough for Snivy to strike with a close-range tackle attack.
“You see Cheren; no textbook would have taught that.” Blake gloated.
“Tepig, use Tackle.” Cheren ordered, trying to ignore Blake’s comments; although, perhaps a bit too late for that. Tepig ran towards Snivy, who waited for the right moment, before jumping in the air, landing once Tepig was behind it, and thrashing its tail. Tepig was sent flying across the room.
“Good Snivy. Now, follow up with a vine whip.”
Snivy shot vines towards Tepig, who managed to side step away from them before running towards the door. At that moment, it flung open, knocking Tepig aside, and Juniper walked in.
“Oh my...You lot are feisty aren’t you?” she asked in astonishment. “I wonder if your mother would want you battling up here Blake.”
“P-Probably not...” Blake admitted as he picked Snivy’s Pokéball up. “Return Snivy.” Lake said as a red beam of light shot from the centre of the ball. The light hit Snivy, and absorbed it into the glow. Cheren and Bianca did the same with their Pokémon.
“Anyway, shall we head over to my lab? There, I can give you each a Pokédex.” Juniper smiled as she walked back downstairs.

“Hail Team Plasma!” a group of young people wearing silver chain mail chanted as they stood next to a podium, on the raised platform of said podium, a man wearing a rather eloquent purple and cream robe, with eye patterns across each half stood. The neck of said robe resembling battlements of an ancient castle. He stood rather tall, had long light-green hair and a red-lensed white monocle in the shape of a dragon’s eye on his right eye. On his breast plate was the logo of Team Plasma - a shield, half black, half white, with a blue “P” written atop it, with a blue lightning strike in the background. His left hand was raised into the air, as if he were grasping the sun.
“For too long have people used Pokémon as tools, amusements and weapons. Team Plasma Believe that this has to stop. Pokémon should live free from the evil influences of mankind!”
The scores of grunts behind him began clapping furiously. The crowd Below, not knowing what to make of it.
“What do you think?” one citizen asked another.
“I think he’s mad.” Was the reply. The man atop the podium gave these two a quick, deadly glance before resuming his rallying cry.
While Team Plasma were making their speech, a man in a thick dark cloak skulked behind the back of the town’s Pokémon Centre. He was of medium height and had a rather slim frame. Despite wearing such a large hood, he couldn’t hide the long streams of silver hair that ran down to his chin. This figure slowly crept behind a dumpster and hid as he heard the sound of footsteps approaching the door. The back door opened and a young nurse in a nurse’s uniform with bright pink hair stepped out. At this moment, the silver haired man reached into his hood, and with a slight struggle, managed to unclip a Pokéball from a strand of hair. The man enlarged the Pokéball, and pressed the centre button, releasing his Pawniard. Pawniard was small, just lower than waist height. It was a black creature covered in red armour, with steel blades on its head, fingers, toes, and in a stripe pattern on its chest.
“Begin operation.” The silver-haired man said to the Pawniard, who nodded before running from the comfort of the dumpster, and towards the nurse.
“A Pawniard? How odd to find one h-” the nurse observed before the Pokémon leapt for her with one of its hand-blades glowing yellow, with one jab sending a Thunderwave through her body. The nurse went limp and fell to the ground. The silver-haired man took this opportunity to emerge from his hiding place and walk into the Pokémon Centre, followed by his Pawniard.
“Come on, let’s rescue some Pokémon.” He said to his Pokémon, who nodded, before the man closed the door. The nurse, left to lie there, and watch.

The wind in Nuvema Town was gently carrying leaves through the air. Blake, Cheren and Bianca were at the town’s main gate with Professor Juniper, Blake’s Mum, and Cheren’s parents.
“You’re one hundred percent sure you want to do this?” Blake’s Mum asked her son, worryingly.
“One hundred percent. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Blake reassured his mother.
“I know you will...you have Cheren and Bianca with you.” She replied.
“You think I need their help?” Blake joked. “They’re the ones who will need my help.”
Cheren couldn’t help but give Blake an annoyed look, but Bianca stopped him raising his hand in an obscene gesture.
“C’mon, calm down. Blake’s just being Blake.” Bianca whispered.
“That’s the problem...” Cheren whispered back.
“Anyway,” Blake’s Mum began as she presented the three with a box. “So you can keep in touch, I thought I’d treat you three to an Xtransceiver.” She explained as she opened the box, revealing three small devices attached to armbands. The three each took an Xtransceiver from the box, and put them on . “Don’t worry, I’ve already registered them, so we know your numbers.”
“Thanks a lot!” Bianca said ecstatically as she tried to fit it perfectly around her wrist.
“Yeah, thanks.” Cheren added.
Cheren’s parents then walked over to the three. His father was holding a box with three tubes in it. In each tube was five Pokéballs.
“Thanks!” Bianca courteously said as she was handed her five. Cheren simply hugged his parents before taking his tube. Blake looked at his tube rather oddly.
“Sorry, you can’t buy Great Balls until you have two badges.” Cheren’s Dad explained.
“T-thanks.” Blake said with a pout. Somehow, he knew what Blake was thinking.
“I’d recommend you start at Route 1, and head towards Striaton City by going through Accumula Town.” Professor Juniper suggested, before Blake’s Dad butted in.
“Professor, you didn’t check the news did you?”
“I haven’t had time. Why?” she replied, confused.
“Accumula Town has been closed. Apparently someone’s raided the Pokémon Centre.”
“W-what, the Pokémon Centre?” Bianca asked in shock. Everyone there was disturbed by the news.
“Wouldn’t surprise me it was those Team Plasma people.” Bianca’s Dad commented as he approached the group. Bianca’s Dad was a rather short, but podgy man with puffy brown hair. “I can’t blame them,” he added. “Training Pokémon is against nature anyway.”
“Dad, you’ve been brainwashed by those idiots!” Bianca shouted. “Geez, it’s so embarrassing!”
“I have not been brainwashed Dear, I just know what’s natural and what’s not.”
Juniper was getting rather annoyed at how her profession was being insulted, while everyone was getting embarrassed. She walked over to Bianca’s Dad, squaring up to him.
“Sir, while I respect freedom of speech, can you please be civil enough to not insult my profession?” she firmly asked.
“Only if you can be civil enough to not brainwash the children of this town with stories of heroism. Pokémon training is not a noble thing.” Juniper was growing more frustrated by the minute, and decided that rather than hit him, it would be best to shoot him down, then ignore him.
“I did not tell these children what to do; they came to me. Your daughter is now at an age where she can make her own choice, and this is the choice she made.” Juniper decided to focus her attention on the three new trainers once more. “Remember, whenever you reach a new town, please phone me so I can register your Pokédex progress.”
“Will do!” Blake saluted. Cheren and Bianca simply nodded.
“Good. As Accumula Town is closed, the only way to get to Striaton City is to go onto Route 1, go around the lake, and go straight down Route 2. I wish you the best of luck.”
“Thanks, but we won’t need it.” Blake grinned.
“We’ll need luck to put up with him.” Cheren mouthed to Juniper, who couldn’t help but giggle.
“Don’t worry, we’ll call you once we arrive in Striaton.” Bianca promised. The three young trainers then took their first steps out of the comfort of Nuvema Town, and into Route 1, waving to their loved ones as they headed out.

Route 1 was a small meadow lined with cherry blossom trees, whose blossoms were carried by a steady wind. Small Patrat ran through the tall grass in small groups, while at the edge of a lake, red-striped Basculin kept a watchful eye on the goings on of the shore.
Bianca was overcome with the beauty of the area and ran cheerfully through the long grass.
“Wait!” Cheren shouted, alarmed. “Tall grass is where most Pokémon nest, so they’ll be likely to attack!” Bianca was just about to place her foot back down onto the ground when she heard a small, but angry growl.
“Pup! Pup!”
Bianca nervously looked down, thinking she was about to step on a particularly fearsome Pokémon. She let out a squeal.
Blake and Cheren rushed to Bianca’s side, thinking that her stupidity had gotten her attacked. However, they found her reaching for a small Lillipup; a cuddly canine Pokémon with a face full of fur (so much in fact, that you can only make out its eyes and nose). The two boys were relieved that she was okay, but annoyed that she had to let off such a loud squeal. However, while Bianca was happy, the Lillipup didn’t look like it shared the same joy.
“Lillipup!” it growled, trying to sound menacing.
“So cute!” Bianca exclaimed as she took out her Pokédex, which was thin and looked more like a mobile phone. The sensor on the back of the device scanned around the area before noticing Lillipup, a picture of it was brought up on its small screen as an automated voice described the Pokémon:
"Lillipup, the Puppy Pokémon. The Fur covering its face is an excellent radar. It acutely senses the state of its surroundings."
Lillipup charged at Bianca with a tackle. A bright light erupted from Bianca’s bag as Oshawott appeared in front of the girl, wielding its shell in a defensive stance.
“So, Oshawott wants to protect Bianca?” Blake asked Cheren, who was bewildered himself, before thinking back to how Bianca comforted the otter earlier.
“Seems like those two have already bonded.” He deduced.
“Osha!” Oshawott shouted as it pushed the Lillipup away with its shell. “Wott!”
Lillipup wasn’t fazed and went in for another attack.
“So...this is my first battle?” Bianca asked, excited. “Oshawott, use Razor Shell!”
The otter held its shell to the side as it became engulfed in a blue aura. “Osha...” Lillipup was also positioning itself for a tackle. The two Pokémon leapt for each other. Oshawott slammed its shell onto Lillipup’s head as the dog tried to push through the attack.
“Y’know, you may want to use a water gun now.” Blake commented.
“Why?” Bianca asked, turning to her friend with a confused expression on her face.
“If Oshawott hits Lillipup on its head, it can deal damage and use the water pressure to gain distance, so it can launch another attack.” Blake explained. Bianca liked this idea, and ordered her Oshawott to put it into action.
A small jet of water shot from Oshawott’s mouth, which as predicted, hit Lillipup directly on the head, with the burst shooting Oshawott over the dog. Oshawott landed behind Lillipup, and swung round for another Razor Shell, which was a direct hit. Lillipup was pushed back by the impact, and tried to shake it off. However, by this time Bianca had reached into her bag for one of her new Pokéballs and thrown it at the canine. A white light shot from the new Pokéball, capturing the Lillipup before returning to the device. The Pokéball dropped to the floor before it began shaking, the middle button flashing red.
It shook once;
It shook twice;
It shook a third time;
And then no more.
The light went out with a “ping”. Bianca checked her Pokédex’s screen as a Pokéball symbol appeared next to Lillipup’s name - she had caught her first Pokémon. Bianca ran over to her Pokéball and picked it up before embracing it.
“My first capture.” She said as tears began to crawl down her cheeks.
“Unbelievable.” Blake sighed.
“What is?” Cheren asked.
“Out of all of us to catch a Pokémon first, it has to be that klutz.”
“I know what you mean.” Cheren laughed.

The trio soon made their way through Route 1, and into the similar looking Route 2. Cheren tried unsuccessfully to chase and capture the purple cat Pokémon Purrloin, who kept on dodging all of Tepig’s attacks before disappearing into the foliage. Tepig would then charge into the bushes, only to be scared off by a pack of the cats. A routine that would remind Blake and Cheren of a slapstick routine.
Blake was determined to make his Snivy as strong as it could be by making it battle against countless Patrat. Bianca however, was pretty content with taking in the scenery; the orange evening sky, the deep greens of the trees, and the sounds of Pokémon returning to their nests, and others waking up. It wasn’t long before the trio finally made it to the end of the meadow “Route 2”, and were overlooking the bustling Striaton City.
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