Administrative Council


Article 20

The Administrative Council shall determine and conduct the affairs of the Union.

It shall have the assistance of the moderators.

It shall be accountable to the Community Council.

Membership of the Administrative Council shall be incompatible with the holding of the position of President of the Union and President of the Community Council.

Article 21

The Administrator shall direct the actions of the Administrative Council. He or she shall be responsible for the internal affairs of the Union and ensure the implementation of decisions by the Community Council.

He or she shall have authority to make decisions as part of the rules of the Union.

He or she may delegate certain functions to assistant administrators.

If the Community Council adopts a resolution of no-confidence, the Administrator shall submit his or her resignation to the President of the Union.

Article 22

Decisions of the Administrator shall be approved, where required, by the assistant administrators responsible for their implementation.

- Constitution of the United European Pokémon Communities

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